Michaela Wagner

From the moment Michaela walked into our office, she hit the pavement running! The combination between her positive energy and client commitment have helped her to skyrocket within Summit. We invite you to learn a little more about her.

Q: What did you get your degree in?
A: I went to school for psychology, initially I wanted to be a clinical psychologist. After graduation, I took some career advice from my dad. He’s a very successful businessman and I value his advice.

Q: What do you like about your work?
A: It sounds so cliche, but I love talking with people! Every day I engage in deep conversations and close relationships with my customers.

Q: What are 1-2 companies you want to work with in 2016?
Well right now I work with Jack Link’s and Johnsonville…. So bring on Hormel and Honey Ham! The food industry is really intriguing to me, but I’m open to working with most industries.

Q: Why do you love your clients?
A: Because they’re awesome!

Q: And what do you do outside of work?
A: Outside of work, I am a puppy mom! The outdoors is one of my favorite places to be, and I love working out.

What you may not know about Michaela until you work with her is that she completely committed to her clients, even taking quotes at 5 AM. Her clients absolutely love her.

If you want to work with Michaela, email her at michaela.wagner@summitir.com.

We are so happy to have you on our team.