The 2016 Olympics in Rio is one of the most anticipated events of the summer. Billions of people the world over will be cheering on their countrymen, countrywomen and other favorite athletes to the hope of an everlasting glory.

After reading a number of articles about the games (I am not including the negative stories), I was intrigued in learning more about some of the competitors and how their most shining traits relate to those that I work with every day.

The athlete that I am most curious about is the young Russian long jumper, Darya Klishina. She didn’t compete in the 2012 Olympic Games, but she has been competing in the World Youth Championships and World Championships for nearly a decade. However, her dream of competing in Rio nearly came to an end due to the doping scandal that has rocked her team and native country.

Instead of waiting for word to come down from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on whether or not there would be a blanket ban on Russian athletes, she decided to compete as an Independent Olympic Athlete, much to the criticism of Russian politicians and their media.

Her bravery to do so is commendable. Although she is seen by some as being a rebel or an outcast, others, including myself see her as a shining example of what you need to do in order to satisfy your most ardent fans. And that is to do whatever it takes.

Similar to my co-workers, we a committed to improving ourselves and the way we do business. Whether that means being an independent Cisco reseller to save you money, looking into other options in case the solution you currently have is not working, or providing you with outstanding customer service, those that play for Team Summit are there for you doing whatever it takes to earn your business.

We Will Do Whatever It Takes.
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