Shortage of tech content available? We think not.

In an age where a single search can result in millions of hits, it can be difficult to decide which sites offer the most relevant information for your queries. Summit was interested to discover, out of all the options, what types of content IT pros are currently most engaged with. Check out our infographic with data from more than 650 responses to see the tech content IT pros really want to see.

Our infographic covers:

  • Respondents’ job roles
  • Most popular tech subjects
  • Favorite content formats
  • Most common times of day to view
  • Viewing frequency
  • Most popular tech websites

[Click the infographic to view the full image in a new window]

Survey results tech content preferences infographic

Fun fact: Company presidents and CIOs enjoy reading humorous/lighthearted content even more than product comparisons and management information. They also report reading content much more often than the average – 62% report reading at least once a day compared to just 33% of the sample overall.