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All About E-rate

With technology rapidly changing, the Schools and Libraries Program (also known as E-rate) is a hot topic for schools lately. We know you probably have a good idea about what the program is all about, but here’s a quick overview: According to the U.S. Department of Education, the E-rate Program [...]

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Top 5 Summit Blog Posts of 2017

The past year, Summit covered a lot of content relevant to the ever-expanding tech industry. We took a look at what our audience found most compelling and have compiled the five most-read tech blog posts of 2017. Check them out: 1. Cisco 3650 vs 3850 Our number one most-read post [...]

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6 Ways to Give Thanks to Your IT Provider

Thanksgiving is a time to show our appreciation for all the things we're deeply grateful for: friends, family, turkey, and of course, football. But there is another group that could use some holiday love... A good IT provider will always be there for you. They are never too busy to [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Team Communication

We can spend all day talking to our coworkers in the office, and everything might appear smooth on the surface. But have you ever wondered what your coworkers really think about the team communication happening in the workplace? We surveyed more than 1,000 IT professionals all across the country, and the results [...]

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Guide to IT Budgeting: Free Ebook

Summit's Guide to IT Budgeting was created to help IT managers take back control of their budgets. This easy-to-read reference guide is filled with information from the challenges of budgeting to options for maximizing the dollars you do have. What's inside? Why Budgeting Matters Regardless of company size or type, [...]

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25 Years of Loving Our Jobs

In the quarter century that Summit has been in business, we've achieved a lot. Being voted Minnesota's "100 Best Companies to Work For" four years in a row and making the Inc. 5000 were definitely shining moments. Above all else, what makes our company unique are the people who comprise [...]

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