IT Equipment Lease Returns

Boosting your leased equipment’s ROI

Leasing IT equipment can be a cost-effective strategy.
However, when the lease is finished, it’s crucial
to follow specific procedures.

Companies need to follow complex rules and regulations that ensure all data,
hardware destruction, and recycling regulations are followed.

Carefully Shipped IT Equipment
We’ll take care of all the logistics, and all the transportation costs are covered by us. Send your hardware to us via ground shipping or we’ll arrange for pickup on larger volumes of equipment. Either way, you won’t pay a cent.
Computer Equipment Audit
Summit 360’s Lease Return service ensures that our customer’s corporate data is erased. We audit and refurbish their assets. We manage end-of-term activities and provide the configuration and condition reconciliation details that equipment lessors and lessees need to close out lease agreements.
Recycled IT Equipment
Sometimes your equipment can’t be refurbished or resold. If that’s the case, we’ll dispose of it responsibly and recycle the appropriate components.
Computer Buyback Program

Summit’s 360’s Lease Return is also a perfect complement to our Buyback Program –
where we either buy or offer trade-in credit
toward a future Summit 360 purchase.

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