One Summit service you might not be aware of is our buyback program. Summit is happy to take a look at any networking gear you no longer need. We’ll offer cash or trade-in credit if you have equipment we’re looking for. Here are some common responses and questions we get from people looking to resell.

Wow, I Got More Than I Thought I Would!

People are often amazed when we offer to shell out big bucks on something they think is probably worth less than the parts it’s made from. Supply and demand again. If it’s hard to come by, it’s easy to sell. High-end tech experts can have peculiar tastes, and sometimes an older piece of equipment will have a special little something that makes it a rare treasure to the right buyer. When you hand off one of these little gems, we’ll make sure you get the reward you deserve.

Shouldn’t I Be Getting More?

Every once in a while, a customer who resells us a piece of equipment is disappointed with the offer we make. Unfortunately, the market varies constantly, and we can’t guarantee that a certain piece of equipment will always fetch X price. The amount of cash we offer is often a matter of supply and demand, not just equipment quality. If you offer to sell a router, and we already have plenty of the same model in stock, we won’t be able to give you as much money as we would if you sold us a more hard-to-find item.

Why Aren’t You Interested?

We can’t afford to take everything. Summit watches the market; we know what sells and what doesn’t. One unfortunate byproduct of the technology world’s breathtaking speed is that equipment can become obsolete before you’ve had a chance to get to know it. The progression from state-of-the-art to has-been can be as fast and unpredictable as lightning. If your equipment is obsolete, we’re sorry, but we can’t take it.

How Will Buybacks Supplement My Budget In The Future?

Selling your old equipment can be a great business strategy. Obviously, you get that cash or credit reward, but there’s more to it than that. You get a clearer sense of the hardware market’s ebb and flow, insider knowledge that could help you make predictions and smart, forward-thinking business moves. You also get some encouragement to keep up with the times; more affordable hardware means easier and speedier migrations from upgrade to upgrade, keeping your business at the technological forefront in a competitive market.

Have Some Unused Equipment Lying Around? Sell it to Summit!

Summit offers competitive pricing for quality equipment. And because we’re a moderate-sized business who values good relationships, you’ll know you’re getting a fair, honest deal. Contact us to see what we offer!

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