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Why retire when you
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Summit 360 joins a global, select group as an early adopter of the R2v3 certification program: the comprehensive, voluntary industry standard for used IT hardware recyclers and resellers, managed by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI). The R2v3 certification requirements enhance all dimensions of ITAD operations, including downstream recycling chains, data sanitization, hardware testing and repair, materials recovery, and even brokering.

What if you could hold onto your used equipment
until you need it again?

With companies navigating new virtual environments, staffing shifts, and changing IT hardware needs, flexibility has become more valuable. With that in mind, Summit 360 is leading the way in offering new redeployment solutions to meet our clients’ changing needs. As equipment comes back from staff or locations, we’re able to shelf, kit, and configure it for its next stage of life. As a result, we’re helping businesses eliminate the cost of investing in new equipment while extending the life of their existing hardware and impacting the planet.

Hardware redeployment solutions that
meet your changing needs.

Convenient Storage Options

One of the reasons many businesses lean toward eliminating used equipment is the need to store it when it’s not in use. Even though they may need it again in a matter of months, the space required to store it and the resources required to manage that storage can represent a barrier.

At Summit 360, we’ve removed this barrier by providing the storage solutions you need to shelve your hardware until you need it again. We’ll even coordinate the logistics and transportation so you can focus on other parts of your business.

Efficient Inventory Controls & Tracking

Efficient ITAD Inventory Controls and Tracking

When it comes to inventory control, many small and midsize companies (and in some cases the largest companies) are still using simple spreadsheets to track their assets and hardware. It’s simply not a core competency or focus of the business. From a redeployment perspective, this makes accurate equipment tracking almost impossible. Then, even if they know they have a piece of needed hardware, they need to recall where they stored it. This “process” is inefficient and unorganized.

At Summit 360, our inventory control solutions allow our clients to easily see what they have and where it’s located, making redeployment quick and straightforward.

Testing, Repair, and Configuration

ITAD Testing Repair Configuration

Before hardware is deployed back into the field, it’s vital that it is meticulously tested for defects and failures.

At Summit 360, our redeployment process includes rigorous inspection, making essential repairs as they’re needed, configuring hardware, and imaging software so that it is ready for use upon arrival. We evaluate every piece of equipment we redeploy to ensure it performs like new for our clients when they need it most.

Custom Kitting Based on Your Needs

Custome ITAD Kitting

During our redeployment process, we’re not only testing, repairing, imaging, and configuring client hardware, but we’re also kitting it. This involves ensuring that each piece of hardware is accompanied by the accessories it requires to operate – the same as it would show up in a new, unopened box, or even better with custom kitting based on your company needs.

From data cables to power to keyboards, our redeployment process includes sending equipment back out to our clients with everything it needs to work – right away.

Security-Focused Redeployment

Security Focused Redeployment
When assets come into our warehouses to be stored, data security is part of our redeployment process. Data sanitization is included in our solution, ensuring that it has been fully cleaned and secured before your hardware re-enters the business for use. Our ITAD expertise makes us a premier redeployment partner with a keen focus on protecting you, your business, and your customers.

Saving Your Business Money, Space, and Resources.

At Summit 360, we’ve eliminated having to buy new equipment, finding the space to store your existing hardware, and the resources it takes to redeploy assets. Our redeployment services cover all of these bases and include next-level inventory controls that add efficiency to the process. We’re the one partner you need for all your redeployment needs.

Summit 360 Announces ITAD Certification

Minneapolis metro-area company becomes only 2nd company worldwide to secure the select R2v3 Certification EAGAN, MN — August 3, 2021 — Summit 360, a technology refurbisher and IT Asset Disposition [...]

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