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When it comes to your IT asset disposition, there are many reasons that you might want to consider onsite services. In some cases, you want to ensure that data is destroyed prior to anything leaving your facility. In other instances, to inventory and package IT equipment will require more resources or expertise than you have available or want to dedicate to this kind of project. So, whether you’re decommissioning a whole data center or you simply want a partner to come in and handle packing on your behalf, Summit 360 is here to help.

Onsite ITAD services to meet your
unique needs and challenges.

Addressing Asset Sensitivity

Security is always top-of-mind, and Summit 360’s onsite services provide best-in-class management and protection of your most sensitive assets.

From our serialization activity to our logging processes and in-transit tracking, we’re committed to ensuring the protection of each piece of hardware we handle.

Managing Data Destruction

Summit 360 offers onsite erasure or shredding for all of your retired or expired IT equipment.

Eliminate the risk of data sneaking out the back door on your used hardware and create a strong defense against an offsite data breach. Our onsite destruction services eliminate the risk of theft or getting lost in transit as well, protecting your brand, your customers, and your employees.

Data Center Decommissioning

Powering down and dismantling a data center is a big project and can expose you to unanticipated risks and challenges.

Our onsite data center decommissioning services eliminate some of those surprises, security gaps, and compliance headaches. We travel to your location and remain onsite through the entire equipment removal process, including verifications and auditing by our experienced team of decommissioning professionals. From start to finish, we can make your data center decommissioning project pain-free and secure.

Packing, Shipping, and Logistics

When it’s time to safely and securely transport your used IT equipment, there are many things to consider. We understand this process from end to end, starting with removal and packing, then moving through shipping and logistics ensuring packing follows best practices is crucial to prevent damage or loss.

We provide onsite white-glove packing, custom-crating and shock pallets, flexible transport options, and time-specific pickups – all focused on taking the stress out of packing, shipping, and logistics.

Your onsite ITAD partner.

When your needs require a partner that will show up onsite to help you manage your assets, protect your data, and transport it from point A to B, we’re here. At Summit 360, part of our commitment to delivering best-in-class ITAD services includes providing onsite solutions that meet all of your needs. Beginning to end, whether you’re decommissioning a data center or need secure data destruction, Summit 360 is the onsite ITAD partner you’ve been looking for.
  • R2V3 Certified

Summit 360 Announces ITAD Certification

Minneapolis metro-area company becomes only 2nd company worldwide to secure the select R2v3 Certification EAGAN, MN — August 3, 2021 — Summit 360, a technology refurbisher and IT Asset Disposition [...]

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