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ITAD Value Recovery

Making ITAD
value recovery
a priority.

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It’s not old equipment… It’s a new revenue stream.

When it comes to IT Asset Disposition, the concept of value recovery needs to be top of mind. Choosing the right ITAD partner can represent the difference between simply offloading your used IT hardware and turning it into a new revenue stream. At Summit 360, our ITAD solution has been built on 25+ years of experience refurbishing and reselling IT equipment and is focused on helping you recover value from your used hardware.
ITAD revenue -stream

Yes, A New Revenue Stream

Too often, the IT organization within a company only represents a cost center. At Summit 360, our goal through ITAD value recovery is to turn that cost center into a profit center. Through refurbishing and remarketing, we are able to create a new revenue stream for our customers using their used or end-of-life equipment. With a variety of resale channels and an understanding of fair market values, we’re able to help you maximize the value you recoup from your retired hardware.
ITAD environmental

Environmental Responsibility

Not only are we creating new revenue streams for our customers and securing their data in the process, we are also helping them mitigate the significant risks associated with environmental compliance and sustainability practices. Rather than allowing end-of-life equipment to fall into landfills with no value, we are recovering value from that hardware and extending its life where we are able. The result? Summit 360 is helping customers become better stewards, reducing e-waste, ensuring compliance – and ultimately returning money to their budgets.
ITAD expertise


Maximizing the amount of value you can retrieve from your used equipment hinges upon partnering with the right ITAD provider. Some lack the experience and proven processes to ensure security and compliance during the refurbishing process, and others lack the robust networks required to resell equipment for the highest ROI. At Summit 360, we have both. We bring decades of hardware refurbishing expertise to the table, and our strong network of resale channels is growing every day. When it comes to value recovery, experience matters and Summit 360 has it.
ITAD cost offset

Offset Your ITAD Investment

Working with an ITAD partner to offload your used IT hardware and ensure the highest levels of security is an investment. Choosing a partner who approaches ITAD with a focus on value recovery opens the door to offsetting those costs and ultimately making money. Value recovery on your assets is key to minimizing your ITAD spend and using your retired equipment to your advantage.

How you dispose of your hardware matters…

Learn a valuable lesson from the city of Houston. In a 2017 online auction, they sold government computers to the highest bidder – computers with hard drives that held private, personal information, including over 100,000 medical records. When your hardware reaches its end-of-life, choosing the right ITAD partner will help protect you and your data.

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