• ESG and Sustainability in ITAD

Understanding ESG and Sustainability in ITAD (The Why and The What)

ESG and sustainability are becoming more and more essential for companies to address. How companies have responded to broader societal concerns like the environment has changed over the years; It’s been called the 3Ps (for people, planet, and profit), corporate citizenship, and corporate social responsibility. But many companies approached and [...]

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3 Ways the Information Technology Supply Chain Crisis Affects Your Business

Over the last 24 months, we’ve collectively learned more about supply chains than we ever thought we’d need to know. The information technology supply chain crisis could certainly significantly impact many businesses.  Equipment shortages and supply chain constraints make finding everything from laptops and desktops to servers and storage complex. [...]

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  • Where to Find Refurbished IT Products

Where to Find Refurbished IT Products

If you’ve seen recent headlines, you know product shortages and longer-than-usual lead times are causing headaches across industries. That’s certainly the case in IT, where the lack of networking equipment is happening. At the same time, many companies need to expand their storage to keep pace with growth. If you’re [...]

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ITAD Solutions: A Retirement Plan for Your IT Assets

Your IT assets have worked hard for your company. They’ve helped you develop products, manage logistics, serve customers, and more. Therefore, when it's time to refresh your equipment, they deserve more than gathering dust on a shelf. Instead, give them the retirement they deserve by working with an IT asset [...]

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