• IT asset management

IT Asset Management: Hero or Villain?

IT people tend to get a bad rap. It’s not their fault. It’s just that in many companies, you only call IT when you have a problem. You’re frustrated with technology. Unable to do your job. Ready to toss your laptop out the window. Over time, IT has gained a [...]

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  • switching ITAD vendors

7 Reasons to Consider Switching ITAD Vendors

Even in the best vendor partnerships, it’s a good practice to occasionally re-evaluate – especially when your company’s reputation is on the line. Because when it comes to managing IT asset disposition (ITAD) for your business, that’s precisely what’s at stake. Far beyond compliance to regulations and protecting data and [...]

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  • Why ERP is important for ITAD

Why a Strong ERP System is so Important for your ITAD Provider

When you work with an ITAD provider, the service you receive is your IT assets’ disposition. But the real product – the deliverable that's often overlooked – is the final reporting. Because accurate and complete reporting is critical to maintaining your company’s compliance, a spreadsheet is not enough.  You want [...]

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  • ITAD Process - Tracking

The Risks & Pitfalls of ITAD Process DIY

Companies of all sizes eventually need to dispose of IT equipment. This process called IT asset disposition or ITAD, can be complex and carry some inherent risk by its very nature. If you’re considering a DIY approach to the ITAD process, make sure you’re carefully thinking through each step of [...]

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