Mitigating Risks in IT Asset Disposition: Secure IT Asset Management with Summit 360

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a critical process for businesses looking to retire outdated IT equipment securely. Improper handling of retired assets can expose companies to significant risks, including data breaches, environmental hazards, and non-compliance with regulatory requirements. To mitigate these risks effectively, partnering with a reputable ITAD provider is [...]

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Summit 360 Sponsors IAITAM ACE

Summit 360 is proud to be a sponsor of the IAITAM ACE conference in Nashville, TN, May 9-11, 2023. As an industry-leading IT solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in the refurbished and recycled IT hardware industry and an R2v3 certified IT asset disposition (ITAD) services provider, Summit [...]

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  • refurbished software

The 3 Big Benefits of Refurbished Server and Storage Equipment

Many IT directors and systems admins returned to the office only to find themselves with a long list of challenges to address – like projects they had to put on hold or server and storage equipment suddenly nearing its end-of-life timeframe. Now, because of COVID-related supply chain delays, it’s harder [...]

  • ESG and Sustainability in ITAD

Understanding ESG and Sustainability in ITAD (The Why and The What)

ESG and sustainability are becoming more and more essential for companies to address. How companies have responded to broader societal concerns like the environment has changed over the years; It’s been called the 3Ps (for people, planet, and profit), corporate citizenship, and corporate social responsibility. But many companies approached and [...]

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ITAD Solutions: A Retirement Plan for Your IT Assets

Your IT assets have worked hard for your company. They’ve helped you develop products, manage logistics, serve customers, and more. Therefore, when it's time to refresh your equipment, they deserve more than gathering dust on a shelf. Instead, give them the retirement they deserve by working with an IT asset [...]

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5 Tips to Maximize Your IT Asset Recovery

If value recovery isn’t part of your overall IT asset management strategy, it should be. Because even when IT assets reach their end of life, they retain some of their value.  This means you can sell your assets on the secondary market as part of an IT asset disposition [...]

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Why Should You ONLY Partner with a Certified ITAD Provider

Most IT leaders who want to outsource their IT asset disposition know it’s important to work with a certified ITAD provider. But checking that box off your due diligence list is more complicated than asking the simple question: “Are you certified?” Certification is an area where you want to dig [...]

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Summit 360 Announces ITAD Certification

Minneapolis metro-area company becomes only 2nd company worldwide to secure the select R2v3 Certification EAGAN, MN — August 3, 2021 — Summit 360, a technology refurbisher and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company, joins a global, select group as an early adopter of the R2v3 certification program: the comprehensive, voluntary industry [...]

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