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Service After the Sale – The Importance of a Great Refurbished IT Equipment Partnership

Each year, many businesses replace IT assets that are still functional. This happens for a variety of reasons, including lease terms, internal guidelines or manufacturer recommendations. As part of the circular economy, a portion of that equipment re-enters the secondary market to be refurbished and resold. If you’re new to [...]

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Introducing Summit 360

Summit Information Resources has been around for nearly 30 years, providing an industry-leading 360-degree approach to IT asset sustainability. While that hasn’t changed, we wanted a name that reflected all the services and things we have to offer.  As a  result, we’re excited to announce that we have a new [...]

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The World of Summit

At Summit, we strive to be a complete solution for all your IT needs. But how do we do it? Here’s a rundown of all the products and services we offer.

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Tech Industry Environmental Impact

When you think of the tech industry, you may think about ever-increasing efficiency, faster speeds and shrinking chip sizes, but there is a dark side to the advances. Also known as Moore’s law, the exponential doubling of the power of computer chips has led to an increase in electronic waste. [...]

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How Summit Reduces Tech Waste

Waste from technology, known as e-waste, can be especially toxic and, as people are getting new cell phones every other year, it’s becoming a real problem. However, by recycling and refurbishing old technology instead of throwing it away or buying used equipment instead of new, you can be part of [...]

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8th Annual Summit Lawn Bowling Tournament

Here at Summit Information Resources we pride ourselves on being “Customer Champions,” however once a year we kick off our shoes and take to the grass to become a different kind of Champion… Lawn Bowling Champion.     Of course, we’re talking about the Annual Summit Lawn Bowling Tournament. This [...]

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