• r2v3-certification

What is R2v3 Certification and Why It Matters

In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, ensuring responsible recycling and sustainability is paramount. Enter the R2v3 certification. This globally recognized standard is reshaping the way businesses handle electronic waste. But what exactly is R2v3, and why should it matter to you? Let's dive in. Understanding the Significance of R2v3 Certification [...]

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  • The Environmental Impact of IT Equipment and How Refurbishing Can Help

The Environmental Impact of IT Equipment and How Refurbishing Can Help

No matter what kind of business or industry you work in, it's hard to escape the constant influx of new innovations and technologies. Unfortunately, this rapid progression often leaves behind a trail of outdated IT equipment. While the business implications of this are evident, there's a deeper environmental concern that [...]

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  • IT Asset Disposition Provider

How to Choose the Right IT Asset Disposition Provider for Your Business

Today's IT leaders face the constant need to update their organizations' IT infrastructure to stay ahead in the game. While necessary, this inevitably leads to a buildup of outdated IT assets awaiting disposal. Ensuring proper IT asset disposition (ITAD) is not just an environmental responsibility; it's paramount for data security. [...]

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  • Refurbished Networking Equipment

Refurbished Networking Equipment: Cost Savings Without Compromising Performance

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, networking equipment forms the backbone of every organization's IT infrastructure. As an IT manager, you're constantly seeking ways to optimize your budget while ensuring top-notch performance. That's where refurbished networking equipment steps in, offering a cost-effective solution that doesn't compromise on performance. Let’s explore [...]

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  • computer chip shortage and summit 360 blog graphic

The Computer Chip Shortage and How Summit 360 Can Help

Original equipment manufacturers are feeling the pinch of a worldwide computer chip shortage that’s creating delays in various industries. Caused by a combination of pandemic-related closures, production challenges, and demand spikes, the shortage is having an immediate impact on consumer products, like automobiles, laptops, tablets, and 5G smartphones. We believe [...]

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