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The Computer Chip Shortage and How Summit 360 Can Help

Original equipment manufacturers are feeling the pinch of a worldwide computer chip shortage that’s creating delays in various industries. Caused by a combination of pandemic-related closures, production challenges, and demand spikes, the shortage is having an immediate impact on consumer products, like automobiles, laptops, tablets, and 5G smartphones. We believe [...]

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Monitoring Hybrid Networks

Network monitoring is more complicated than ever. Most large enterprises have internal networks including LANs and WANs, and cloud storage as well, in private clouds, public clouds or hybrid clouds. This new network architecture makes it possible for businesses to move faster. However, managing and monitoring complex networks can be [...]

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Designing A Carbon Neutral Network

Minimizing your carbon footprint is a popular topic these days, both from an environmental perspective and a financial one, in the form of energy costs. When you’re running a network, you may be more concerned with performance than the energy the equipment uses. However, there are ways to reduce energy [...]

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Benchmarking Your Network Performance

As organizations come to rely more on network performance for daily business functions, it’s essential to know how well your network is performing. A simple network test or ping test can tell you what your upload and download speed is at a given moment. However, without a baseline or benchmark [...]

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VoIP Troubleshooting

While Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telecom systems have been around for years, they still encounter issues from time to time. VoIP systems rely on the internet and are therefore vulnerable to interruption or outage when network issues occur, such as latency, packet loss and jitter. When you run into issues that take [...]

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What You Need to Know About Edge Router Configuration

Your network edge is what connects your network to the internet, allows remote employees to VPN in, and can connect your campus to other branches of your enterprise. Because the network edge is quite literally the edge of your network, it can be vulnerable to outside attacks. One connection between [...]

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