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Network Micro-segmentation

Network segmentation has long been used to separate networks into subnetworks, or segments, in order to improve performance and security. With the increased use of virtualization, software-defined networking, and software-defined data center technology, network segmentation has been taken a step further, and micro-segmentation has emerged. What Is Micro-segmentation? Network segmentation [...]

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9th Annual Summit Lawn Bowling Tournament

What happens when 36 people put their minds together and wish for perfect outdoor conditions? A rough weather day including both torrential downpour and scorching sunlight of course. The difference is, nothing was going to stop us from carrying out our Annual Summit Lawn Bowling Tournament this year. The gloves [...]

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Switch Layer Levels

When trying to understand and select the right switch for your needs, you will need to know which layer it will operate on and what functionality is available for that layer. There are seven layers in the open system interconnection (OSI) model of networking framework. These layers are: Physical Data [...]

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Top IT Job Growth Areas

Information Technology jobs are among the fastest growing in the country. That trend is not slowing down anytime soon and we’re excited about that. Being in the IT industry means constantly being open to technological changes and advancements. This makes IT an exciting industry, but with this fast-pace comes challenge [...]

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Avoid Price Increases by Buying Used

With the recent price increases announced by Cisco on October 20, 2018, it’s important to remember that you have options when it comes to buying Cisco equipment. There are several reasons why buying used equipment can be the right financial decision. Tariffs and Fluctuating Markets Prior to the recent tariffs [...]

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The Evolution of IT Jobs

If you were in IT in the 1990s or early 2000s, you could probably tell some stories about things that have dramatically changed. Today’s opportunities and challenges in tech careers were virtually impossible to imagine before the Internet was widespread, before smartphones existed, and before connectivity was expected everywhere we [...]

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