Summit 360 Refurbishing Process

Process is Everything

At Summit 360, our thorough step-by-step
refurbishing process supports everything we do.

The key to providing high-quality refurbished equipment lies in ensuring its reliability,
and so we are careful to be meticulous and safeguard each step. Our reputation depends on it.

IT Equipment Inspection

Initial Exam

When a product arrives in our warehouse, our intake process begins by carefully examining it for external issues. We look for missing parts, power cords, mounting hardware, etc. We examine it for scratches, dents, and other cosmetic problems. Based on this initial inspection, and whether it meets our high standards, we decide if we will move it forward through our process or return the equipment and not use it at all.
Test Refurbished IT Equipment

Port Testing

During our refurbishing process, we systematically test each port to make sure data and power are passing through the board. We also return the OS to the factory default configuration. It’s very important to us that we prepare the switch, the router, and other equipment so that it is ready for you to put into your network right away.
High Quality Refurbished IT Equipment

Cosmetic Repairs

If a product moves forward, we begin making any necessary cosmetic repairs. Missing parts are replaced, mounting hardware is repaired, and scratches and dents are refinished. Exact manufacturer paint colors are used to refurbish the unit.
Then, once it’s accepted through our initial receiving, we move it into our testing lab.
Quality Refurbished Computer Equipment

Auxiliary and Component Testing

Part of our refurbishing processes includes ensuring that all auxiliary pieces and components of equipment necessary for optimal performance are intact and packaged with the equipment. Our primary concern is to make sure that everything you need is in the box upon arrival.
Carefully Shipped IT Equipment


The final step in our process, we take our shipping very seriously. If it doesn’t arrive perfectly, all the rest of our work is for nothing. With that in mind, we use protective packaging to make sure the unit and components are 100% secure, and we ship according to well-defined UPS and FedEx specs.

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