Preparing for the Next Big Exploit

An exploit is a type of cyberattack that capitalizes on vulnerabilities in applications, networks, or hardware. It is usually introduced into code during development and is unknown to software vendors, researchers, and the public. Once identified, exploits are categorized according to the type of vulnerability they exploit, such as zero-day, [...]

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Choosing the Right Firewall

Your firewall protects your internal network from the public internet. It is the first line of defense to stop intrusions and malicious attacks from entering your network. The manufacturer of the firewall hardware provides definition files. The firewall scans the network using these definition files, which provide patterns for normal [...]

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Vulnerability Scanning 101

Protecting your network is an essential part of network maintenance. One of the ways you can keep your network safe is by performing regular vulnerability scans. A vulnerability scan is an assessment that checks for vulnerabilities, or weak spots, in your computer, server, network, or infrastructure. How Does it Work? [...]

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