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IT Asset Lifecycle Management: How to Properly Structure Your Internal Process

When you think of IT assets, what comes to mind? Networking equipment? Servers? Computers? While those are all IT assets, there is more to it than just networking equipment, servers, and computers. When thinking about IT assets, you should also include work desks, cabling, racking, etc. According to Techopedia, an [...]

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Managing a Growing Data Center

If you are feeling constrained in your current data center, you’re not alone. Globally, data is growing at an unprecedented rate, leaving many enterprises struggling to keep up with demand. The Expected Growth of Data The amount of data produced and consumed worldwide has been increasing exponentially. An IDC report [...]

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How the Cloud is Going Green

Building a “green” business with a focus on reducing environmental impact is not just trendy — it makes sound business sense. Often, minimizing the carbon footprint of your business means not only reducing waste but also minimizing power usage and a movement toward energy efficiency. Since energy costs money, reducing [...]

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Planning Your IT Career Path

Defining a career path in IT is not exactly a one-size-fits-all process. There are so many different professions within IT and many different educations and interests that have a place within the trade. There is no distinct path to success, but having a plan will certainly help you along the [...]

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