Summit Information Resources has been around for nearly 30 years, providing an industry-leading 360-degree approach to IT asset sustainability. While that hasn’t changed, we wanted a name that reflected all the services and things we have to offer. 

As a  result, we’re excited to announce that we have a new look and a new name. *Drum Roll*… Summit 360. Our new identity has been designed to satisfy all the existing expectations of what Summit Information Resources originally stood for while simultaneously moving the brand forward to promote sustainability, minimize waste, and stretch the productive lifespan of hardware and IT equipment.



Why “360”?

Why Summit 360, you ask? First of all, our relationship with our clients is based on a 360-degree approach to meeting their needs. Always a partner, never a vendor, our circle begins with relationships. Service and expertise are the foundations of everything we do. 

We continue moving around that circle by providing the highest quality networking, server, and storage hardware the industry has to offer. Whether you’re purchasing refurbished or new solutions, we complete our 360 journey by addressing our client’s cost, reliability, and security needs every step of the way – which brings us full-circle.

Our Founder and owner, Dick Noble, says it best. “The 360 part of the name was really clear because that’s kind of the business we’re in. We’re moving product from one place to the next, we’re reusing it, repurposing it, and it’s a circular type of situation, and it works perfectly.” 

Summit 360’s Focus on Refurbished Hardware 

Refurbished hardware is where it all began, back in 1992. The business started out selling used or refurbished DEC equipment. DEC equipment? If you’re asking yourself what that is, it’s because you may not have heard of it. That’s how long we’ve been in this business. 

“Back then, we sold used equipment and we’ve continued to do that. It’s a different type of marketplace and it’s always been there for us and has always been a really good and enjoyable business. I have a lot of fondness for it.”- Dick Noble. 

At Summit 360, our thorough step-by-step refurbishing process supports everything we do. The key to providing high-quality refurbished equipment lies in ensuring its reliability and so we are careful to be meticulous and safeguard each step. Our longstanding reputation depends on it. 

How Does Summit 360 Approach New Hardware

We’ve found that we typically get new customers with refurbished equipment over the years because that’s what we’re really good at since it’s a unique business proposition that we offer. However, because people enjoy working with us and our individual sales reps, we’ve found that customers will typically start asking for new equipment from us. Equipment that might not be available refurbished. So yes, while it’s true there’s a significant focus on refurbished hardware, Summit 360 also sells new hardware. 

The Importance of Relationships 

At the end of the day, though, the product and services only get you so far. It’s all about the people. Those services can be had elsewhere. Relationships are what matter and what keep customers and employees coming back. 

“My purpose is to create a great business for people to work at and a great place for people to do business with. If you don’t have those two, it doesn’t matter really what you do. It’s just not worth it.” – Dick Noble

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