Celebrating the Right to Repair Executive Order

A few years ago, a major tractor manufacturer announced they’d require buyers to work only with specific technicians for repairs. However, farmers – many of whom have done their own repairs for generations – pushed back saying, “Once I own the tractor, it should be up to me to decide [...]

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5 Tips to Maximize Your IT Asset Recovery

If value recovery isn’t part of your overall IT asset management strategy, it should be. Because even when IT assets reach their end of life, they retain some of their value.  This means you can sell your assets on the secondary market as part of an IT asset disposition [...]

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Why Should You ONLY Partner with a Certified ITAD Provider

Most IT leaders who want to outsource their IT asset disposition know it’s important to work with a certified ITAD provider. But checking that box off your due diligence list is more complicated than asking the simple question: “Are you certified?” Certification is an area where you want to dig [...]

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Global Chip Shortage FAQ

Common questions about the current chip shortage with up-to-date answers from Summit 360 By now, you’re probably already aware that manufacturers across several industries are feeling the pinch of a global computer chip shortage. Production delays and product availabilities are a temporary new normal for auto manufacturers, consumer electronics companies [...]

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Summit 360 Announces ITAD Certification

Minneapolis metro-area company becomes only 2nd company worldwide to secure the select R2v3 Certification EAGAN, MN — August 3, 2021 — Summit 360, a technology refurbisher and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company, joins a global, select group as an early adopter of the R2v3 certification program: the comprehensive, voluntary industry [...]

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The Computer Chip Shortage and How Summit 360 Can Help

Original equipment manufacturers are feeling the pinch of a worldwide computer chip shortage that’s creating delays in various industries. Caused by a combination of pandemic-related closures, production challenges, and demand spikes, the shortage is having an immediate impact on consumer products, like automobiles, laptops, tablets, and 5G smartphones. We believe [...]

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IT Asset Management: Hero or Villain?

IT people tend to get a bad rap. It’s not their fault. It’s just that in many companies, you only call IT when you have a problem. You’re frustrated with technology. Unable to do your job. Ready to toss your laptop out the window. Over time, IT has gained a [...]

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7 Reasons to Consider Switching ITAD Vendors

Even in the best vendor partnerships, it’s a good practice to occasionally re-evaluate – especially when your company’s reputation is on the line. Because when it comes to managing IT asset disposition (ITAD) for your business, that’s precisely what’s at stake. Far beyond compliance to regulations and protecting data and [...]

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