Managing a Growing Data Center

If you are feeling constrained in your current data center, you’re not alone. Globally, data is growing at an unprecedented rate, leaving many enterprises struggling to keep up with demand. The Expected Growth of Data The amount of data produced and consumed worldwide has been increasing exponentially. An IDC report [...]

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Network Micro-segmentation

Network segmentation has long been used to separate networks into subnetworks, or segments, in order to improve performance and security. With the increased use of virtualization, software-defined networking, and software-defined data center technology, network segmentation has been taken a step further, and micro-segmentation has emerged. What Is Micro-segmentation? Network segmentation [...]

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Cisco Routers Series: ASR versus ISR

While the names might sound similar, Cisco’s ASR and ISR router series were created to address the distinct routing needs of different customers. Learn more about each router series so you can be confident that you’re choosing the right router for your organization. What Is ASR? ASR stands for Aggregation [...]

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Preparing for the Next Big Exploit

An exploit is a type of cyberattack that capitalizes on vulnerabilities in applications, networks, or hardware. It is usually introduced into code during development and is unknown to software vendors, researchers, and the public. Once identified, exploits are categorized according to the type of vulnerability they exploit, such as zero-day, [...]

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Monitoring Hybrid Networks

Network monitoring is more complicated than ever. Most large enterprises have internal networks including LANs and WANs, and cloud storage as well, in private clouds, public clouds or hybrid clouds. This new network architecture makes it possible for businesses to move faster. However, managing and monitoring complex networks can be [...]

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Internal DNS Dos and Don’ts

Managing DNS servers may seem like a basic task for a network administrator, but there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. Without a reliable DNS, business applications such as email, web services, and VoIP cannot function. Poorly managed or improperly configured DNS servers can cause network slowdowns [...]

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Designing A Carbon Neutral Network

Minimizing your carbon footprint is a popular topic these days, both from an environmental perspective and a financial one, in the form of energy costs. When you’re running a network, you may be more concerned with performance than the energy the equipment uses. However, there are ways to reduce energy [...]

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Future-Proofing Your Server Choice

As computing demands increase and IT budgets remain tight, it’s essential to get the maximum return on your investment. Choosing a server that suits your needs today and can continue to serve your needs in the future will help you get the most for your money. So, what do you [...]

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