Since 1992, Summit Information Resources has provided networking hardware to businesses across the country. Summit specializes in Dell, Hewlett Packard, and Cisco products, selling new, used, and refurbished parts to businesses, but what sets Summit apart from other technology resellers is its commitment to each of its customers. Service is personalized, so each business has the luxury of knowing its IT hardware needs are in good hands.

In 2002, Summit moved to its new location in Eagan, Minnesota, remodeling and expanding the space in 2014 to accommodate the companys extreme growth. The remodel enabled Summit to increase its space by 50 percent.

Summit Cares

During an ice storm in Atlanta, businesses found that many of their regular vendors couldnt get much-needed products to them. Summit Information Resources stepped in, making sure each business had the equipment it needed to do business. Even when other companies had shut down service to that area of the country, Summit dedicated itself to coming through. This type of service is an example of how Summit is always there for its customers.
Summit works directly with each client to devise a plan that works best. One major metropolitan firm learned this when it contacted Summit with a particularly challenging obstacle. The client needed multiple Cisco switches, but it was working within a strict budget. Using a combination of refurbished and new equipment, Summit was able to create the solution the client needed, leading to an $864,000 overall cost savings.

Customers Come First

Internally, Summit constantly emphasizes the fact that it is customer centric. When someone calls the company, a friendly employee answers, which is a welcome alternative to the phone trees many businesses force callers to navigate. This attention to customer service extends to Summits products. Each refurbished product is thoroughly tested and reset to defect factory settings before being shipped to customers. Summit also carefully packages each item before shipment to ensure it arrives without damage.

Since 2009, Alliance One has purchased a great deal of Cisco equipment from Summit and has been continually impressed with the companys speedy response to requests for quotes. Equipment is always shipped quickly after Alliance One requests it, with Summits customer service representatives even helping with logistics. Because of its attention to detail, Alliance One chooses to continue to buy from Summit, which provides the peace of mind of knowing that every experience will be a good one. Customer after customer provides similar testimonials, always citing the company’s personalized customer service as an incentive to choose Summit first.

Summit Information Resources has a long history of building strong relationships with customers. By putting customers first and providing high-quality equipment at affordable prices, they continue to remain at the top of their client’s vendor lists. Moving forward, Summit plans to continue with its customer-centric business model to ensure each relationship is a lasting one.