Crunching the Numbers on Storage Needs

Figuring out what your data storage capacity needs are and how to best tackle them can be a bit of a headache—if you don't have the right approach. While no amount of number crunching can truly predict the future needs of your business (there are always those things that are [...]

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The Importance of a Smooth Migration

When your system uses different data types from different devices and program types, adding a Storage Area Network (SAN) can help a great deal in keeping everything on the same page. A SAN is a way to network your networks, ensuring accurate and timely data transfer between objects. A SAN [...]

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What to Do When a Cisco Switch Fails

Yes, it can happen. Despite Cisco’s high-quality designs and rigorous production standards, their switches have been known to fail on occasion. No one’s perfect. And with equipment this sophisticated, there are plenty of potential failure points. If your switch starts to act up or shut down, it’s time to start [...]

By |2017-02-24T19:41:07-06:00September 6, 2016|Servers & Storage|

When Long Term Becomes Short Term

Take a second and think about the last time you were dissatisfied with a good or service. Assuming that didn’t take long, what led to your dissatisfaction? Were you underwhelmed with the good or service provided? Was it due to a lack of knowledge or expertise? A lack of customer [...]

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End of Life – 3750x

80's rap music, poodle skirts, and Atari are all eras that many wish had never ended. So when Cisco made the End of Life  (EOL) announcement for the Catalyst 3750x, many IT departments found themselves disappointed. Our team has been through many EOL announcement in our 23 years of reselling, and [...]

By |2017-02-24T20:54:05-06:00December 2, 2015|Servers & Storage|
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