Along with our other services, Summit is proud to offer a buyback program for used equipment and networking gear. Odds are, you have a closet or storage room filled with gear you’re not using. If you have any used equipment, spare switches, servers, routers, or other networking gear, we’ll offer you a competitive price for it.

Why Sell Your Used Gear?

There are several reasons to sell your used equipment. For one, it’s probably the easiest way to earn some extra money for your IT budget. Selling equipment can often earn more than you expect! Just because you’re done with your gear doesn’t mean that it’s lost its value to someone else. Depending on the demand for the gear, even old, rare equipment can fetch a good resale price, and we will pass that value on to you.

When you’re able to earn a competitive price for your used gear, you’re also reducing the lifetime operating cost of the equipment. As opposed to just tossing it, recouping some of your investment in the equipment can help IT budget dollars stretch a little further.

Additionally, selling your used equipment to a reseller also keeps working (or fixable) gear from the landfill by extending its useful life. Refurbishment can extend the life of a piece of equipment by years. Electronic waste is a big issue facing the IT industry today. Reducing the carbon footprint of your business is something you and your customers can be proud of.

Why Choose Summit’s Buyback Program?

At Summit, we’re proud to offer a buyback program for our customers that pays top dollar for their used gear. Here’s what makes us different from our competitors:

Earn Top Dollar

We’re very plugged into the market and know the expected resale price for most used gear. We also have many customers that ask us to look out for rare or older equipment that can’t be easily found. Because of our understanding of the supply and demand in the market, we can offer a competitive price for used equipment.

Fast Service and Payment

In addition to our competitive buyback payments, you can choose how you want to be paid. We offer either cash value or trade-in credit that you can put toward your next equipment purchase. No matter which you choose, you’ll receive fast service and payment.

Secure Data Destruction

Did you forget to wipe that hard drive before buyback? No problem. We make sure that any data left on equipment is erased and unrecoverable by the next owner. We also reset all configurations to factory settings and restore the OS to factory default.

Responsible Recycling

If any gear is unsalvageable and can’t be refurbished for continued use, we’ll make sure that it is disposed of properly. We’ll break the equipment down to parts and make sure that any recyclable components are recycled.

Our Buyback Program Makes It Easy

When you choose Summit, you’ve chosen a painless buyback experience. We’ll take care of all of the logistics, from door to door. If you have a large amount of equipment, let us know, and we’ll come package it for you and take it off your hands.If you have some used gear that’s collecting dust instead of earning you money, our buyback program is the answer. Tell us about your equipment, and we’ll get back to you with next steps. Or, if you have any questions about the buyback process or are looking for some used gear, contact us. We’re happy to help!