Solid hardware is essential to your business. No matter how flashy your software, no matter how knowledgeable your programmers, you won’t get far if your network is gummed up with run-down routers and cut-rate cables. Imagine a top-notch modern physician treating cancer with 19th-century tools. Hardware counts.

A reliable hardware partner provides your business with essential tools and energetic customer service for an honest price. But how to gauge whether or not a potential partner is right for you? Here are six traits of a trustworthy hardware partner.

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Good businesses last. And in the speedy world of technology—in which trendy companies tend to burn brightly but briefly—longevity is a rare, hard-won achievement. Summit has been in business since 1992, selling routers and switches when CDs were state-of-the-art. Does your hardware partner have this kind of experience rising to technological challenges?

Popularity (Where it Counts)

Take a look at your hardware partner’s other customers. Do these customers have big, trusted names? You can learn some slick business tricks by looking to the moves of major players, who can afford to be choosy. Large, well-known customers are a good sign your partner consistently provides high-quality services.


Things go wrong sometimes, no matter the company. When problems pop up, does your hardware partner have your back? It’s crucial that your business partners offer guaranteed satisfaction and warranties. Summit will have you covered when you need it most.


A good work culture provides a company with reliable employees, active minds, and a sense of camaraderie that extends into dealings with other companies. Would you rather work with a team of active, inspired problem solvers, or with a group of glum, grumpy drones? Check out your partner’s attitude. A fun workplace can signal a spirited workforce.


But things aren’t all fun and games. The tech world can get pretty cut-throat, and only dedicated competitors last. If your hardware partner doesn’t have the drive to keep on top of trends in tech and business, they won’t have the drive to keep your networks running with maximum speed and strength.


The personal touch is absolutely necessary for a business partnership. No one wants to wheel and deal with a faceless swarm of telemarketers. When you work with your hardware partner, do they demonstrate their appreciation? A good partner, like Summit, brings personality to the table. Summit’s sales teams are dedicated to customer service and relationship-building.

So How Does Your Hardware Partner Measure up?

Hardware is the base of your online operations. Does your hardware partner offer you the experience, gear, and service your business needs in order to do its best work? If not, take a look at Summit Information Resources. Summit has been competing in the hardware market for decades, and we know what it takes to keep clients happy in a competitive market.

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