We all remember our first time working in sales. The training seemed like a blur with the increasing anticipation of making the first contact with a potential client. In my first interaction with a prospect, I managed a realistic smile and making eye contact. I thought things were going well until he asked “How much does this cost?”
All training went out the window, and I named a ridiculously low price that left no room for profit. My goal was to land this client, and the fear of being rejected was more than I could handle. “Deal.” Several weeks later, he found a new provider with lower prices.

Now this shouldn’t be surprising. As we focus our energy on providing the absolute lowest prices, the focus isn’t appropriately placed. Here is why: if price is the sole driving factor, then a lower price point will also drive them away.

There are sustainable ways to create customer loyalty, including giving outstanding customer service. If you are taking great care of your clients, they won’t have the desire to leave to save a buck. Committing to each client and going above and beyond to meet their needs increases the valueof your services/products. It’s okay to charge a little more for the added value of your team’s care and response.

And if you can provide top customer service while saving your clients money? Now we are talking. You will have loyal clients for life. Summit Information Resources works hard to provide this. In fact, we have over 1200 active customers who receive great prices and excellent customer service daily.