The Difference Between Manziel and Manning

You see, these two Southern raised QBs have a few MAJOR similarities, without a doubt. Each man is from the South, loves football, both first round draft picks, and each has an arm like a rocket.   The main difference between these two men is their ability to be a team [...]

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I Want to Be Like Mike.

The first thing you notice about Mike is that he looks like he could be a professional athlete. Mike is naturally on the quiet side, but he's nice and a bit sarcastic. He's 6'2", which quickly led to my first question. Q: You're so tall.... Did you play sports? A: I did, [...]

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Let’s Party Like it’s 1999!

Oh man... 1999 may as well have been lifetimes ago. It was the year Prince looked forward to, a year of box televisions and clunky computers, and most importantly, it marked (what many feared was) the beginning of the end. With New Year's right around the corner, we figured it [...]

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The Summit Team Loves Volunteering

An amazing day at Feed My Starving Children. In just 2 hours, we packed 185 boxes, feeding 110 children for a year! Rewarding, and a great experience. For more information on FMSC locations you can volunteer at, go to:

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Meet Pete

Pete Steensgard Our entire office loves Pete. This quiet guy packs a hilarious punch, dressing up as his "doppelganger" for Halloween - Captain William T. Riker. It was rewarding sitting down with Pete, as I found myself laughing more than I had originally planned to laugh on a Friday. Q: How long [...]

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Introducing Michaela.

Michaela Wagner From the moment Michaela walked into our office, she hit the pavement running! The combination between her positive energy and client commitment have helped her to skyrocket within Summit. We invite you to learn a little more about her. Q: What did you get your degree in? A: [...]

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My Company Supports Me (From a Woman in Tech)

Before I began this position as the Marketing Manager for a tech company, I didn't think too much about the learning curve of marketing for a tech company. However, I overheard discussion regarding a "48 Port Power over Ethernet", I quickly realized that the lingo of tech is not able to be [...]

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Meetings: Major Snore to Team Score

Meetings = time wasters... At least this seems to be the case when you look back at what each meeting achieved. There always seems to be a "Debbie-downer" in each meeting, or off-topic tangents. If this is the case at your company, it's time to do a complete overhaul on your meeting structures! Here [...]

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Do Low Prices Build Customer Loyalty?

We all remember our first time working in sales. The training seemed like a blur with the increasing anticipation of making the first contact with a potential client. In my first interaction with a prospect, I managed a realistic smile and making eye contact. I thought things were going well until he [...]

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The Company that Lawn Bowls Together…

Stays together. Company culture has been a hot topic in the recent business world. Companies are attempting to create a culture that attracts employees by ordering pizzas or hosting meetings around a pool table. While these aren't wrong, this is just one segment of what creates company culture. A healthy [...]

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