How do you handle remarketing and resale?

At Summit 360, we've spent decades cultivating relationships and creating an industry-leading network of end-user sales channels. That network helps us ensure that you maximize your value recovery and that we can find buyers for your hardware. Not only do you make money during the resale process, but you're also [...]

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How are logistics and transportation handled?

The chain of custody begins with how your hardware and equipment are transported. By focusing from the very beginning on the logistics of your ITAD or electronic recycling project, we’re able to ensure that moving your hardware is done in a manner that is secure and protected. We will make [...]

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Can you help us decommission our data center on-site?

Absolutely. Decommissioning a data center, call center, or office complex can be a large project, and there are many things to consider during the process. By having your ITAD partner on-site to help with the decommissioning, you ensure that no critical steps are missed, and all of your assets are [...]

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How is data destruction approached?

At Summit 360, we have various methods for ensuring the destruction of your data. Secure wiping and sanitization ensure 100% compliance and renders your data unrecoverable. We use the latest software and compliant methods of destruction, and any drive that fails erasure is physically destroyed using our in-house shredder.

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What types of equipment do you accept?

Summit 360's ITAD service handles a broad variety of equipment across all IT classes including servers, networking equipment, storage and hard drives, laptops and desktops, IP phones, and more. Curious if we can handle your equipment? Just ask!

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What is the difference between ITAD and recycling?

Some vendors will simply take your used hardware, tear it down, and recycle the electronic components. Unfortunately, the rest of the e-waste ends up in landfills. At Summit 360, our goal is to recover as much value as possible from your equipment through refurbishing and resale. Our ability to remarket [...]

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How does ITAD impact compliance?

Compliance is a crucial focus of Summit 360’s ITAD service. Our expert staff has a deep working knowledge of all applicable compliance regulations, including specific state laws regarding data privacy, electronic recycling, e-waste disposal, and handling. Partnering with a trusted ITAD partner like Summit 360 helps ensure that you and [...]

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What are the benefits of ITAD?

Summit 360's ITAD process checks multiple boxes when it comes to disposing of used hardware: It ensures that your organization's data, AND your customer's data, is protected and not compromised. ITAD ensures that all compliance and regulatory guidelines are followed. ITAD in the circular economy extends the life of used [...]

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