Get to Know Summit’s Buyback Program

Along with our other services, Summit is proud to offer a buyback program for used equipment and networking gear. Odds are, you have a closet or storage room filled with gear you’re not using. If you have any used equipment, spare switches, servers, routers, or other networking gear, we’ll offer [...]

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Mission-Critical WiFi

You may feel like WiFi isn’t critical until the wireless network goes down, and the tickets and complaints start rolling in. When work grinds to a halt because the WiFi is down, you will quickly learn that it is a critical function after all.

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How the Cloud is Going Green

Building a “green” business with a focus on reducing environmental impact is not just trendy — it makes sound business sense. Often, minimizing the carbon footprint of your business means not only reducing waste but also minimizing power usage and a movement toward energy efficiency. Since energy costs money, reducing [...]

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The World of Summit

At Summit, we strive to be a complete solution for all your IT needs. But how do we do it? Here’s a rundown of all the products and services we offer.

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Enterprise Storage Options

Enterprise storage optimization isn’t always given top priority. Managing systems, dealing with issues and helping end-users can easily take up all your time. This leaves little left to plan and optimize your enterprise storage system proactively.

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VoIP Troubleshooting

While Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telecom systems have been around for years, they still encounter issues from time to time. VoIP systems rely on the internet and are therefore vulnerable to interruption or outage when network issues occur, such as latency, packet loss and jitter. When you run into issues that take [...]

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Tech Industry Environmental Impact

When you think of the tech industry, you may think about ever-increasing efficiency, faster speeds and shrinking chip sizes, but there is a dark side to the advances. Also known as Moore’s law, the exponential doubling of the power of computer chips has led to an increase in electronic waste. [...]

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Grey Market Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

You may have come across advice in the IT industry, stoking fear that not buying through traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) would somehow endanger your business. That used or refurbished equipment may be counterfeit, that used equipment is more expensive or comes without warranties or even that it’s illegal to [...]

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Choosing the Right Firewall

Your firewall protects your internal network from the public internet. It is the first line of defense to stop intrusions and malicious attacks from entering your network. The manufacturer of the firewall hardware provides definition files. The firewall scans the network using these definition files, which provide patterns for normal [...]

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Tariffs and Technology

If you’ve read the news recently, then you’re aware that the tariffs on Chinese merchandise have been raised again — in fact, they’ve more than doubled. As we discussed in our blog post on price increases, tariffs can play a significant role in the increasing prices of essential networking equipment. [...]

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