It can be frustrating when it feels like everything a company does is behind closed doors. You want to know where your money is going and what this process looks like to ensure you chose the right company. In the video below, we walk you through our step-by-step refurbishing process. It becomes quite evident how thorough we really are and truly care about our products.

Summit’s Refurbishing Process:

1) The product is delivered to Summit and sent to our “Tech Playground”.

2) We take the equipment and put it through our rigorous external inspection process.

3) Next, the product goes through a rigorous internal inspection, checking for any inconsistencies or damage to the ports, motherboard and any other associated component.

4) If any hardware upgrades are requested we integrate them into the equipment.

5) Then we test the functionality of the product, connecting it to power and running it with our testing software.

6) We restore the factory defaults, so the product is back to its original settings.

7) Next, it’s off to the refurbishing center. where we look for cosmetic damage to the outside of the equipment. If found we repair, clean and paint it.

8) Then the equipment is securely packaged and placed in our warehouse to await shipment.

If you have any questions about our refurbished process, feel free to contact your account manager.